Inaugural Conference @ MIT

On November 17-19 2017 we will bring together community members, organizers, academics, technologists, educators, artists, policy makers, and public servants for the inaugural Data for Black Lives conference at the MIT Media Lab. We hope to:

Featured speakers include: Turahn Dorsey (Chief of Education for the City of Boston), Rahsaan Hall (Director of Racial Justice Programs, ACLU), Melissa Nobles (Dean of Humanities & Professor of Political Science at MIT), Roger Brown (President of Berklee College of Music), Cathy O'Neil (author of Weapons of Math Destruction), Atyia Martin (Chief Resilience Officer for the city of Boston), Samuel Sinyangwe (Campaign Zero), Adam Foss (Prosecutor Impact), and Rafael Reif (President of MIT), Bob Moses (Algebra Project), Julia Angwin (Pro Publica), Janai Nelson (NAACP), Blair Evans (Incite Focus), Moon Duchin (Geometry of Gerrymandering), Ejike Obineme (VOTE NOLA).