COVID-19 Open Data by State

Data is often not collected about Black communities when it's needed the most. We have compiled all of the states that have shared data on COVID-19 infections and deaths by race and the states that have not, as well as the disparities among them. Please note that many of these states may have underreported COVID-19 deaths due to the fact that many Black communities have not had access to testing. We must also be mindful of the possibilities of over-reporting while interpreting these data.

We will be making demands of states to make COVID-19 race data public. In the meantime, data activists can combine existing data on the racial makeup of counties & census tracts with infection and death rates to better understand the impact on areas where Black people live. Some counties and cities have already included race as well as gender and age data even though these data are not being reported at the state level. We will be updating the list on this spreadsheet and disparities on this spreadsheet.

To fill in the gaps of this data, we are also sharing requests for community data needs. We are collecting data on the experiences of Black Healthcare Workers and amplifying efforts by Buzzfeed to collect stories of Black people who have been impacted. Need support with data collection and analysis? Please submit a request and we will amplify it.

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An Open Letter to Facebook from the Data for Black Lives Movement

Give Black researchers, data scientists and Black communities access to our data. We urge Facebook to join with Data for Black Lives and commit to the following:

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AI Now Shadow Report

AI Now Shadow Report on Automated Decision Making Systems in New York We’re proud to join over 50 organizations in endorsing #confrontingblackboxes, which provides a nuanced look at NYC’s use of automated decision making, who is impacted, and how the city could do better. Read here.


On October 17, the New York City Council will be voting on an $11 billion jail expansion plan to build 12 new jails in New York City. Because one of the largest proposed jails is slated to be built in City Councilman Stephen Levin’s (‘2003) District 33, Levin wields immense power over City Council’s decision about whether to approve this proposed jail expansion plan.

Tell Stephen Levin: Vote NO to building more jails in NYC.

Read here.