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Past Staff, Moderator, Speaker
Jamelle Watson-Daniels
PhD Candidate at Harvard University

Jamelle Watson-Daniels is a scientist conducting research in machine learning focused on model reliability, accountability and transparency. She draws from over 8 years of experience as a mentor, researcher and activist.

With her interdisciplinary research experiences, Jamelle focuses on empowering and centering those most marginalized in the mission to use data as protest, accountability and collective action. Her personal research interests involve utilizing techniques from optimization, network modeling, data science, algorithmic fairness and more.

As a part of the five-year combined degree program, she graduated from Brown University with two degrees: a Bachelor of Science in physics and a Bachelor of Arts in Africana Studies. From initial conception to algorithmic deployment, Jamelle believes agency and power must be shifted from the hands of a few tech giants to the masses of people fighting for liberation.

Jamelle Watson-Daniels served previously as Director of Research at Data for Black Lives.