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Jitu Brown
National Director, J4J

Jitu Brown, National Director of the Journey for Justice Alliance (J4J) is a long-time community organizer born on Chicago’s south side. He is a product of Chicago’s public school system and is a proud parent and husband. Jitu started volunteering for the Kenwood Oakland Community Organization (KOCO), the oldest black-led organizing community-based organization in Chicago in 1991 and organized in the Kenwood Oakland neighborhood for over 20 years bringing parents, students, teachers and community members together to collectively participate in the education system by developing various educational initiatives and battle back against efforts to systematically disinvest in, close and privatize schools in Chicago.

In his role as National Director for J4J, he leads an alliance of grassroots community, youth, and parent- led organizations in over 30 cities across the country demanding community-driven alternatives to the privatization of and dismantling of public schools systems.