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November 18, 2017
Economic justice

The Revolution Will be Digitized: Music, Technology, and Black Cultural Production

Black artists have shaped the history of American music and continue to do so every day. Virtually every form of popular music around the world has roots in the powerful African-American musical traditions of Jazz, Blues, R&B, Rock and Roll and Hip Hop. But these same artists have historically been denied their share of profits from their artistry. New advances in technology have created opportunities to shift power and profits back to the artists. Innovative new streaming platforms have created new precedents for artist ownership and compensation, while distributed ledgers, digital footprints, and smart contracts have the potential to revolutionize the way musicians interact with marketplaces and manage their intellectual property. How do we leverage new technologies to ensure that artists reap the benefits of their cultural production?

Moderator: Roger Brown

Participants: Panos Panay, Chaucer Barnes, Tef Poe, and Avriel Epps